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Thursday 28 September 2017

Rohingya problem

The TV screens have, recently, been full of pictures from the Rohingya province of Rakhine in Burma (Myanmar). Hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas have fled the Country seeking refuge in Muslim Bangladesh.
The media coverage has been dominated by alleged brutality of the Burmese regime, led by Nobel prize winner, Aung San Suu Khi, whilst ignoring the underlying problem with the refugees. Whilst we have had pictures of Rohingya women and children trudging through the mud to reach the border, we have until recently heard nothing of the Rohingya Salvation Army, flag of crossed assault rifles over a map of Burma, attacking army posts and mass killing of Hindus.

It is another example of the divisive nature of Islam. Wherever they establish themselves they eventually cause problems with their unyielding dogma. The same is happening in Southern Thailand where 4000 people have perished over the years because of Muslim attacks.
In my last post I suggested that some people in the UK seek a different utopia from the rest. The growing Muslim population will eventually want implementation of their sharia law and culture as they do wherever they exist causing a rift in the indigenous population. however, it is clear that the Labour party is wooing this vote with its much publicised anti-Israel stance.

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