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Thursday 28 September 2017

Socialism is dead, long live Socialism

Socialism is dead, long live Socialism. Venezuela, the Socialist state, held up as an example of Socialist nirvana by Jeremy Corbyn and others, has failed despite its huge oil reserves. But adherents of this outdated and defunct practice have rallied around a new hero and crowned the new king in a coronation in Brighton. The Labour Party, most of whom reviled Corbyn six months ago were joining in the euphoric adulation of this bearded figurehead, a messianic purveyer of good news for all. Whatever you want, you shall have is his message, a game changer for those who believe in the tooth fairy. The promises tripped off his tongue, a reprisal of his last General Election manifesto, came with the assurance that it was fully costed. Well of course it was, it was to be paid for by borrowing; remember that when Corbyn and McDonell call for investment they are reall calling for more spending, not theirs or the Labour party's, but Tax Payers'.
This cult like adulation demonstrates that for many there is a need for hope, for somebody to lead the nation to the promised land. It cannot happen if a significant portion of the populace has a different vision of utopia but even if this could be achieved who in the sane world can provide the leadership. Much as I like her, I'm not sure about Theresa May; she's capable and honest, both admiral qualities but I'm not sure she has that star quality that sets her apart from the rest. The Conservative Party rally next week might provide an answer.

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