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Monday 30 April 2018

Immigrants in power

Well, it was only a matter of time. A perfectly good Secretary of state for the Home Office has been forced out to be replaced by a man whose parents arrived on these shores as immigrants from Pakistan. The former encumbent of the position was hounded out by the Shadow Home Secretary, herself the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica. This blog, whilst recognising that some immigration is beneficial holds the view that positions of political power in the UK should not be open to people whose family have not been fully resident in the UK for three generations or more, including the present. That proviso should also preclude the present Mayor of London standing and others such as the Milibands and Baroness Warsi.
How is it that these newly arrived recipients of UK hospitality see fit to run the Country and legislate for the families who have occupied these sceptred islands for thousands of years. Do they not have any idea how rude this appears, this presumption to come to the UK and tell the indigenous locals how to run their affairs paying particular attention to the welfare of those who have on arrival, contributed nothing to the culture and prosperity. Certainly, those who fought on our side in the war are deserving of special consideration but not to the extent where they influence debate on matters of national importance. The people of the UK have managed quite well without them for millennia; they ought to integrate for a few generations before they qualify in full.

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