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Saturday 5 May 2018

A vision of dystopia

Andrew Gwynne, the Labour Party's campaign co-ordinator says that his party wants to give the message of hope to electors in the next General Election. What, therefore, can the voting public look forward to?
As we reflect on the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth, I ask myself what a vote for Corbyn's Labour Party entails:

The politics of Marxist (Communist) Russia, with millions of innocent deaths.
The economics of Venezuela, with many innocent deaths.
The defence capability of Switzerland and withdrawal from Nato with potential for national disaster
The Rule of Law of the mob. (union flying pickets) leading to civil war.
The State headship of a republic, a President with dissolution of the Monarchy. (see above)
The foreign policy of appeasement and surrender, betraying British values to follow three white feather politics.
The religion of Islam with millions of innocent deaths.

In short, is this not a vision of Dystopia?

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