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Sunday 20 May 2018

Bishop Curry's, 'God is love' sermon

Much has been made of the 'God is love' sermon preached by the evangelical preacher, Reverend Bishop Michael Curry, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. What a load of bollocks that was and overlong in its delivery. God is no more responsible for love than he is of hate.
Why do I think that? Because 'love' can be found in many ways in the animal kingdom; it is not confined to God made mankind, infused with love to further God's work of filling the universe with children. I'm sure we've all witnessed the unconditional love of our pet dogs and seen pictures of the obvious affection held by families of apes. Love evolved because nature deemed it neccessary for the proper nurturing of children, both human and otherwise and because conventional science can't explain it, the good Bishop has kindly stepped in with his glad but erroneous tidings. No matter how passionately he spoke, it was nonsense and I suggest he would have been better advised to talk about the Davies Hypothesis which explains the love/hate condition, for the first time ever quantifying spiritual values.

I hope the good preacher doesn't now go home with his 'By appointment' sticker, drawing more fee paying acolytes  into his Church of wishful thinking although I fear he will be lured by the celebrity status his world-wide talk will attract. Call me a cynic but in this world of mammon, it strikes me that 'God is money' is a more realistic buzz phrase than 'God is love'.

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