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Monday 21 May 2018

Mayor of Sheffield

Further to my blog of 30th April, Sheffield has just elected as Mayor, a man who moved to the UK from Somalia. He is yet another example of a newcomer to the Country who presumes to influence the political life of families who  have lived in the Country for hundreds of generations. Don't misunderstand me, Councillor Magid Magid might well be a very decent, capable man but it is the principle that's at stake here. Under my proposal, his grandchildren, well versed in British culture and values would be entitled to seek public office.
They might bring new perspectives to the job I hear the progressives cry. What they might bring are echoes of the life they left behind, a life of harsh brutality; an alien culture that offered no hope of a better future . They moved to the UK, invariably to find a better life, one crafted by generations of the very people they wish to usurp as leaders. It can't be right.

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