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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Austria closes mosques

It is reported that Austria has closed some mosques and expelled imams, originally from Turkey, for holding extreme Islamic views. The president of Turkey, Erdogan has threatened action and predicted a war between those forces of the cross and those of the crescent. Strong words from the leader of a Nato country with a large army.
I believe that conflict of some sort is inevitable if leaders of the northern european countries fail to act on the worries of citizens concerned about the creeping Islamification of their neighbourhoods and towns. Muslims make no concessions to the culture and life of the indigenous population, insisting that only Islam is the truth and therefore undilutable. Across Europe, generous and hospitable people are becoming fed up with the Human Rights mob and their mantra that anything said about Muslims and their religion is racist, fascist xenophobia. The northern european people all have a limit to their forbearance and charity and clearly this point is nigh in Austria. Erdogan is quick to join the fray because he is a leader with ambition to restore the power of old Ottoman empire with himself as Sultan, if not Caliph.
Meanwhile, in the UK, citizens are arrested for trying to point out the religion of men being tried for the rape and abuse of young white girls, contrary to court orders. It is this, the denying of understandable freedom to express heartfelt views of the people by the UK's liberal elite that leads to frustration and conflict. Unless the UK leaders grasp the problem soon, all will be lost, something that the Austrians and others have recognised.

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