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Thursday 14 June 2018

Oxford Immigrants sex crimes

Another tranche of immigrants, originally from Pakistan, now of Oxford have been sentenced for up to an inadequate 15 years in prison for the sexual abuse of young girls. These loathesome men will be out in 7 years or so, free to go back to their communities showing no remorse whilst their victims bear a life sentence, suffering hateful memories and other mental traumas. This is not justice.It isn't even close.
Whilst they are in prison, these men will be afforded every luxury in case they play the race and Islamiphobia cards. They will be free to associate with others infecting all with there warped morality, spreading even more hatred for the indigenous anglo-saxons and their pernicious laws. And who pays for their upkeep in prison? The innocent taxpayer, of course. £300-£400 each per day should cover it and what about the families they leave behind. The mosque might throw some money their way but most will be met by totally innocent tax payers in the form of benefits. What justice is there for the innocent taxpayers? Has anyone given any thought that these men and their families should be deported and sod their human rights? They should have thought about that before they transgressed. If they were deported, it might concentrate a few minds and persuade other men to stop molesting young girls.
We must put the interests of the victims first, not the perpetrators.

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