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Monday 20 August 2018

Indalo & Chi Rho Symbols. Are they related?


Have you ever noticed a similarity in the indalo of Almeria Province in Spain and the depiction of Jesus, as the Christ, in the Chi Rho symbol? see diagram below.

The Chi Rho symbol is a composite of the greek letters X & P which correspond to our CH. It was first used by the Roman Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the official religion of the empire, with CH representing the Greek word for Christos.

Looking at the images one can make out in the indalo the letter ‘X’ with the top arms flattened. Could the ‘rainbow’ part and trunk, then be a stylised depiction of the ‘P’ or rho. But why? CH can also be shortened form of ‘Chrestos’ the Greek word for ‘good’ or useful.
But how does an image based on two Greek letters appear in a cave in Almeria province? Could it be that the Phoenicians who traded in Almeria from about 700BCE, brought the Greek language with them. From wikipedia:

a number of late inscriptions from what is now Constantine, Algeria dated to the first century BCE make use of the Greek alphabet to write Punic

Punic is one of the variations of the Phoenician language.
It is believed that the indalo image found in the 'Los Letreros' cave of Velez Rubio was made around
2500BCE which would make any comparison futile but nevertheless worth pointing out especially as the indalo is portrayed as a good luck symbol

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