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Thursday 23 August 2018

State of the nation. Summer 2018

An American representative, when asked about the moral backbone of the US, in the wake of recent Trump allegations, said don't talk to me about moral backbone when the Leader of Her Majesty's opposition in the UK was was a raging anti-semite. He might have added: 'and a terrorist sympathiser' with links to Hamas and Hezbollah.
This is the UK today. a laughing stock, because we as a nation have let the idiots out of the asylum. How come we have a Muslim mayor of Sheffield barely arrived in the Country, who in a recent interview didn't remember the name of her Majesty, the Queen. How come the police are more interested in fining motorists for going 1mph of the speed limit but fail to crack down on knife and gun crime. How did it come about that prisoners' rights now outweigh those of victims and who is to blame for them running the prisons as in some South American countries.
How do commentators on tv get away with extolling the virtue of socialism when it is in decline around the world. One recently cited the NHS as an example of successful socialism. No one challenged him by pointing out that the NHS is paid for by hard working people earning a wage and paying taxes, which is capitalism. By companies paying taxes on the hard won profts which is capitalism. How can these stooges get away on telly with their idiocy and lies. This morning, the doubters were out in force saying that a 'no deal' in the Brexit debate would be disastrous; no food, no drugs, no aeroplanes, no trade, destitution and death all round. Firstly a no deal IS a deal; the uk would trade on wto terms. Hardly a defeat. Do these doom merchants have no faith in the British spirit and enterprise. Have they no faith in the British capability of overcoming any adversity to triumph. Like the old Armoured Corp motto: through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.
The trouble is the UK is increasingly being occupied by peoples who are not British, peoples like the Mayor of Sheffield whose family fled from misery from a country full of losers, but are more likely to vote for a supporter of  Muslim terror groups, thereby perpetuating the problem.
The people of the UK will only take so much nonsense. I can sense the growing dissatisfaction as people frustrated by all attempts to quieten them as racists, fascists well up under a new banner. But who will lead them to the promised green fields?

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