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Friday 24 August 2018

Zeno's Arrow Paradox explained


I suggest that Zeno's arrow paradox is more easily explained if you imagine that in our universe, there are three dimensions of time, not one.
The paradox of Zeno suggests that at any point in the arrows flight, it must be stationary, having already arrived at that point no further motion is required. With no duration scheduled for this momentary stop, the arrow can not advance, leaving it stuck mid flight. Some say that there is good reason to assume that the flight never takes place at all, a point taken up by the proponents of Biocentricism. We could now identify the problem as the same as regards the very meaning of the 'present', the here and now.

Where does the 'present' lie if the future extends from  ...well, infinity to now and the past begins immediately and extends back to the 14 bn years of the universe's age. Where lies the present, lodged as it is between the non-existing point at the end of the future and the beginning of the past? Does the 'present' even exist in reality? see diagram.

Using this conventional thinking, the arrow has the past behind it, the future in front of it and no room for the becalmed arrow stuck in the present. So why does the arrow keep flying?

The remedy is to think in three dimensions of time as Martin Heideggar did in the 19/20th century when he argued that everything could be explained with reference to the three aspects of time, the past, the present and the future.

'Real' time is the 'present'. We, and all forms of life exist solely in the present, 'real' time.
'Unreal' time represents the past. We can perceive the past because it was once the 'present' and can recall it with memory.
'Imaginary' time represents the future. Although we can have no 'present' without the future it doesn't, in fact, exist. It never has and never will.

The arrow, according to the Davies Hypothesis     only flies in 'real' time, the present, and because new time is being continuously created as the universe expands, so the present also is continuously renewed. see diagram. The arrow keeps flying.

explains some of the mysteries of quantum mechanics such as conjugate spin, entanglement, the two-slit experiment and Schrödinger's  Cat.

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