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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Bojo's manifesto?

The UK has a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The airways are full of doubters and detractors anxious to get in their apocalyptic vision of a future under the political reins of a man they see as a 'buffoon'. Doom and gloom abounds in the hand wringing pessimists of the left and those with the charisma of a wet flannel but Bojo insists that sunny uplands lie ahead if you dare to dream; believe in the Brits to forge a bright future.
This blog believes however that to go forward the Country needs to return to older values, reverse today's human right thinking and face realities from a common sensical rather than a misplaced sense of natural justice. We are not born equal. Accept it and move on; nature doesn't work that way. Nothing demonstrates this better, by way of example, than the Gay Pride movement who go to great lengths to parade their differences.
That is not to say that we should denigrate minorities. No; we should embrace their qualities if they fulfill the need to add value to the British way of life. What we don't want is minorities introducing discredited, different values and laws such as Sharia.
By returning to older values the UK should remove human rights from convicted felons, make prisons tougher, bring back the death penalty for certain offences. The law enabling people to sue the public services such as the NHS and police should be revoked (except in cases of obvious malpractice). Members of the armed forces should not be subject to retrospective legal action after serving in zones of combat. Soldiers do not choose to go to war. Politicians do and it is they who should be held to account.
Schools should be allowed more discipline in the pupils and parents with more emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic. The NHS must be protected from time wasters and disruptive patients and/or their families.

You get the message.

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