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Thursday 25 July 2019

Johnson's new Cabinet

New York born, Boris Johnson has named the first members of his governmental team. Starting with his Chancellor, there are a surprising number of second generation immigrants in positions of power. 51 out of 655 members of Parliament are first or second generation immigrants to the UK, to my mind a staggeringly high percentage. What compels these relative newcomers to want to interfere with government and why do we allow it?

Sajid Javid. Chancellor. Second generation immigrant of Pakistani origin
Priti Patel. Home Office. Second generation immigrant from India via Uganda.
Dominic Raab. Foreign Secretary. Second generation immigrant of Czech descent with British mother.
Alok Sharma. International Development Secretary. First generation immigrant from India.
James Cleverly. Party Chairman. Second generation immigrant from Sierra Leone with British father.

No one doubts the qualities and skills of these people. It is only the question of whether or not it is appropriate that these relative newcomers have the reins of power over those who've existed in these sceptred isles for dozens and hundreds of generations, the real people who made the UK what it is today.

This blog (8/02/19) has prevously highlighted the number of first and second generation immigrants in Parliament

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