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Wednesday 10 July 2019

British sporting failures

Yesterday, Joanna Konta lost her Wimbledon quarter final match despite leading 4-1 in the first set. This blogger switched off at that point as I could see what was going to happen. It was the same in the women's football when we exited the competition in the semi-finals. I fear for England in their semi-final cricket world cup match against the Australians tomorrow. Why? Because when it comes to the crunch, the British haven't got the killer instinct found in American or Australian sportsmen and women, say. It's almost as if we find winning unacceptable or impolite. Lesser people win but we, the British people see greater purpose in letting others have the spurious joy of lifting the trophy. Its enough for us to have taken part.
It was not patronising for a journalist to ask Konta why she performed badly on the crunch points; it's a question her coach would ask. No, it was a reasonable question and if she and other British teams are to carry off the trophies she and they must find a way to overcome her timidity when faced with the biggest challenges.

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