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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Principled Labour

The Labour party has been at sixes and sevens over its position on Brexit since the referendum. The problem was that many traditional supporters in the Labour northern strongholds voted to leave whilst many in the Westminster elite didn't.
Today, Sir Kier Starmer was on television telling the Nation that the Labour Party had now come up with a stance on Brexit that was clear and 'principled'. Whatever the Tories did, the final decision must rest with another referendum in which an option to remain would be included and for which the Party would press. However, when questioned about Labour's stance in the next General Election, he replied that it would depend on 'circumstances' at the time. In other words they would see which way the wind blew. so what about 'principled'?
The first part of the pronouncement is ideologically driven as it relates to Tory process. Labour won't have anything to do with a Tory Brexit. The second point is that the Labour position depends on 'circumstances', it cannot be based on principle.
As usual, the Labour Party position is one of sitting on the fence, as it has done throughout the three years of Brexit, frustrating every effort to fulfil the wishes of the electorate to further their own political will.

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