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Sunday 4 August 2019

Anarchy in Hong Kong

What started as a legitimate grouse about new rules from the Hong Kong government on extradition of HK nationals to mainland China, has become a weekly and escalating protest. I suspect that the decent, law-abiding protesters in week one are being gradually replaced by people intent on fomenting such trouble that gives the Chinese the encouragement to take direct action. It is a classic example of actions giving rise to unexpected consequences. The protesters in weekend one will have brought on the very difficulty they wanted to avoid.
It must be difficult for the Chinese Government; they have agreed to Hong Kong autonomy for another thirty years but running a Country according to two different rules of law presents problems. In the UK, we are beginning to see the consequences of the Common Law in increasing conflict with Sharia Law. The Chinese are committed to an International treaty protecting the rights of HK citizens but they will jump on any contravention by the Hong Kong Government to annul the treaty.

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