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Friday 9 August 2019

Fake or Fortune revisited

It's two years since I last mentioned this.
Fake or Fortune is a very popular BBC tv show featuring Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould. The first program went out in 2011.
However, in 2011, this author published a noveletta: 'Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition', based on the equally popular BBC show, Antiques Roadshow. The story, narrates how the three Magi take their gifts to the roadshow for assessment as a new-born child goes missing and an attempt is made to unearth lost treasures from the New World. What is interesting is that the book was a forerunner of the Fake or Fortune program by including the forensic analysis, including x-rays, of a work of art, in the case of the book, by the celebrated Spanish artist, Murillo. In the story the principle protagonists are presenter, Leona Sluice (Fiona Bruce) and art expert, Rupert Naas (Rupert Maas). The use of the latter shows that I wrote the book before Mould was introduced in the tv series.
It strikes me that this story would make an ideal Christmas special program for the BBC, heart warming, uplifting and relevant, featuring stars we all know and love.
How many of the real stars can you spot in the book? Well check it out; its an ideal summer read. To download for Kindle or Kobo costs less than a euro. Yes! That's right, less than a euro.

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