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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Cathedral fun

Rochester cathedral has installed a mini golf course and Norwich cathedral now boasts a helterskelter for the summer. The aim is to draw in more families for a liitle recreation and a lot of wonder and awe at the majesty of such fine structures. But is it right?
Of course it is as long as the God word is not invoked other than to say that these incredible edifices were built by hand by men and women infused with the spirit to build something to the Glory of God. It all sounds good but I wonder how a church servant would answer little Johnny's question about the whereabouts of God today. "I've looked all over his house and he's definitely not here, " asked Johnny.
"I imagine the creator of the heavens and earth is in heaven," might reply the servant.
"Has he installed mini golf and a helter skelter there as well?" persists Johnny.
"Oh! I'm sure he has," replied the servant. "he likes to relax after a busy day."
Johnny's father chips in: "Where do you see God, today, may I ask? Could he or she be in the Middle East, Somalia, Syria or any of the places we see on tv with the starving and bombed kids?"
"Well; its lovely to see you here. I must dash, I've others to see. Goodbye Johnny. Have you enjoyed your visit to the Cathedral?"
"I want an ice cream."
"Let's go next door, the mosque is open, we might get one there," says Johnny's mother, "They are playing war games."

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