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Sunday 18 August 2019

Prison graduates

A judge has sentenced a drunk driver to 6 years imprisonment after mowing down and killing two people and leaving two youngsters as orphans. Four lives destroyed and yet the judge feels 6 years, out in three is justice. No personal responsibility. The driver had free will to drink and drive whilst the family didn't and yet they have suffered life sentences. British justice is an oxymoron.

Another policeman has died in the line of duty. When will they get the support they need from the lawmakers. see my blog at:

Meanwhile in an inner city slum
"What are you going to do with your life, Dwayne?"
"Dunno. Not much choice really as they'll send me down for sure."
"What dya mean?"
"Well, I got lifted, did'n I. Aggravated shoplifting, wasn't it? They're going to send me down for three months."
"That's tough bro."
"Yeah! Well I'm going to enroll on one of them courses they do. Rehab, the old lags call it."
"What sort of courses are they?"
"So. It's a short course, obviously but is a starter. I get a certificate that I can use to get posts in the big gangs."
"What sort of courses are they?"
"Pickpocketing, simple burglary, conning the elderly, that sort of thing. When i get sent down for longer I can take courses on ABH, GBH, safe breaking and rape. It's all free."
"Sounds good, Dwayne. And you say these qualifications get you into the big gangs?"
"If you want to advance in the gangs, you do. They're looking for experienced shooters and knife handlers. Money's good. Better than doing normal work on minimum wage. Courses are cheaper than university; you come out with a skill and you can walk straight into a job."
"Why do they allow it?"
"Human rites innit. Freedom of movement, freedom to associate. The screws don't bother us, we don't bother them."

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