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Wednesday 22 April 2020


As the world struggles to contain the covid19 viral outbreak, the capacity for economic misery seems inexhaustible. We humans are fighting to resist the attack with whatever science and technology is available but none can ensure that a covid20 or 21 will not follow. Lockdowns cannot sustain for much longer than we have already had and successive killer viral attacks will prevail. Only those genetically disposed to survive will resist. Nature will have had its way.
I postulated in an earlier post that covid19 might have been introduced via panspermia as the planet passed through a 'perseid' shower but their capacity to evolve and mutate on earth suggests a purpose with a Natural agenda.
If the Davies Hypothesis is correct our universe is a duality comprising that which we inhabit and can perceive and another we can't. The hypothesis also suggests that the relationship between the two parts is symbiotic thereby automatically correcting problems such as over population or climate change. If this is so then mankind's puny efforts will be in vain. It is nothing to do with God's retributions or any such mythical nonsense. It is Nature that will have its way.

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