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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Prince Harry

I post this as a concerned supporter of the UK Monarchy.
Newspaper reports suggest that Prince Harry is struggling in his new life. No one doubts that he still loves his wife and young child but he must have come to the realisation that this isn't all there is to life. Putting aside for the moment his own  estrangement from his family, friends and regiment, there is also his own personal fulfillment and, as father and husband, the provision for Meghan and Archie. His father, Prince Charles has given Harry £1 million to cover the first year but he needs to earn this money and I don't know how he'll do it. As usual, it comes down to money and we had a clue about its likely source when he whispered to a Disney executive that 'my wife also does voice-overs'.
Meghan couldn't settle to a royal life, always playing second fiddle to the Queen, William and Kate; always aware that, in the background, detractors in the press and aristocracy were scrutinising her every move. So it was Harry who had to move; to abandon the role he had been groomed for over thirty years. I wonder if when the passion of the early years of marriage wear off, as they will, whether he will wish he'd found a woman, cultured and educated closer to his UK home, sympathetic to the role. Will he wish he'd listened to the advice of 'walking out with actresses; not marrying them', and persevered with Chelsy or Cressida accepting his well defined role as a much loved and admired member of the Royal Family.
We shall see.

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