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Sunday 21 June 2020

Are children born 'racist'?

The ex footballer Dion Dublin recently maintained on television that children are not born 'racist'. Really!
I presume by 'racist' he means those who hate people of a different tribe as opposed to those who just prefer the company of their family, friends and community.
In the first place I suggest each and every one of us prefer the company of family and friends. I suggest this preference is hard wired into our brains as a security measure according to nature's survival of the fittest rules. See:

This blog has already considered the question of whether children are capable of being born evil See:

I suggest that Dublin is wrong. Children are born to be naturally aware of strangers. Their final character, however, is shaped by nurturing. Those brought up by parents, fearful of strangers and people of a different colour and/ or culture, will more likely exhibit 'racist' tendencies.

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