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Saturday 10 October 2020

Feral Britain

There are reports in the British press that some estates in the UK are out of control.

One such is Primrose Court in Huyton near Liverpool. This once nice housing estate has descended into an urban hell with looted and burnt out houses in an area governed by drug dealers and gang louts. But how did it get to this situation. My grandparents lived near to Huyton in a quiet well kept street, front gardens tidy in well maintained privet hedges. people took pride in their houses. In the communities, self discipline and a sense of public responsibility acted as the guidelines for social living. This public responsibility included a respect for the authorities including those working in the public sector including the police, firefighters and ambulance crews. 

What happened? Well, the demographics changed for a start. The estates became inhabited by people with no sense of British values. No sense of shared ambition forged over centuries by the social evolution following the signing of the Magna Carta. Instead, we have an influx of people impatient for success promised by a generation of hopefuls fed by the prospects of unlimited handouts.

What else changed? The human Rights act, that's what. It leads to people's false expectations. The do-gooders have suggested that everyone is entitled to whatever they desire. Nobody is responsible for their own actions-its all are faults. Sadly the courts seek to exonerate the guilty wherever possible denying the innocent both of justice and comfort. Children cannot be disciplined because of child abuse legislation leading to lack of discipline in schools. Good teachers don't linger where they are abused leading to lower standards, poor achievement and academic failure the consequences of which can be seen all over the Country. What's the phrase? when good people don't act, bad things happen.

It all comes down to DISCIPLINE and the need to enforce it despite the screams of the civil liberties idealogues. Indiscipline leads inevitably to chaos and anarchy which helps nobody. Rebuild Primrose Court. Populate it with people who understand the rules. Eviction follows anti-social behaviour. Bring back discipline in schools and severely punish parents who interfere. Kids need rules, strictly adhered to because a generation of lax guidelines has led to a rise in feral behaviour, immune to the norms of civilised society.

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