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Monday 12 October 2020

Death penalty for fraudsters

 Readers of this blog will know we support the exercise of the death penalty for some crimes, particularly the murder (and rape) of children and officials in the course of their duty. There are other offences for which I suggest that the death penalty is not only proportionate but also appropriate.

This time I would argue that fraudsters who steal the life savings of the elderly, in particular, should also attract the ultimate penalty. These people, who wake up each morning plan by devious and well prepared means to separate often vulnerable people from their savings accrued over many tears of hard work. These bastards ruin lives often bringing despair to those who hoped to live their final years in some comfort. Now, reduced to destitution they can imagine the fraudsters enjoying their ill gotten gains having done no more than devise slick websites designed to snare the unwary. These fraudsters should understand that by ruining the lives of others they forfeit the right to live. They must understand that they are of no use to humanity and must go and their assets seized for distribution amongst the victims.

VICTIMS before the guilty.


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