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Monday 19 October 2020

The Bishops speak

 The Bishops of the Church of England have spoken to tell the Government how to negotiate the UK's exit from the European Union. They, of course, voted to keep the Country in Europe and are continuing to put 'their oar in' rather than stick to their area of competence, human souls.

Far better that they concentrate on explaining why, if God truly loves his people, he has visited on them this awful Covid19. Why did he turn his face away from the holocaust and the sexual abuse of children by his priesthood? This weekend saw two more people die in the name of the prophet Mohammed. The Bishops might well ponder why, if the God of Abraham had updated his message in the seventh century, he neglected to tell the Jews and Christians directly of the new order. All these religions; they all can't be right and the Bishops might like to comment on that.

Further to the last sentences, I trust the police investigating the murder of a teacher in France at the hands of an Islamic teenager speak to his parents and leaders of the mosque he attended. 

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