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Thursday 12 November 2020

Social Engineering

Have you noticed how television adverts have suddenly become an exercise in social engineering. In the cause of 'inclusivity' and 'diversity', almost every advertisement includes people of ethnic background, physical disability, sexual orientation and multi-cultural nuclear family composition. Sometimes, all of them at the same time. 

In order to ensure that all the population feel relevant to the message, a distorted image of the Country emerges, deliberately designed to change people's perceptions of what they OUGHT to believe. Mixed marriages are not the norm and yet the advertisements would lead you to imagine that they are. Eighty-seven percent of the UK are defined as white British but you would never believe it to see adverts that reflect the trend of 'wokeness' sweeping through the land. The same could be said of television programming where there has been a sudden influx of ethnic, disabled, homosexual presenters. There is nothing wrong with this, per se, and no one questions their skills, competency and abilities; it is the sheer numbers that provoke the feeling that the population are being subjected to a social engineering project. Don't comply and you are categorised as a racist, fascist or Nazi, often resulting in being hounded out of work.

Everybody, except those guilty of anti-social behaviour (eg criminals), should be treated fairly in all aspects of life, but the cause of the minorities is not furthered by promoting distorted images of life that alienates the compassionate and humane British people.

Woke people argue that the British are a 'mongrel' breed anyway and shouldn't object to ethnic minorities. What they are forgetting is that the British peoples are made up of new blood introduced by conquering nations such as the Romans, Normans and vikings. This is markedly different from immigrant invasion; conquerors have a right to be heard. 

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