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Saturday 5 December 2020

Crunch time

 As the post Brexit negotiations on a new trade deal between the UK and the EU reach crunch time, it seems that success  can only achieved if one side backs down. The UK team are determined that in any deal they should never lose the ability, as an independent country, to be free of European controls including the jurisdiction of the European Courts. On the other hand, the European negotiators are mindful that they have to answer to the individual requirements of the other twenty-seven Countries in the bloc. Nobody wants to be accused of selling their side down the river.

It has come to this impasse. Who will blink first?

If nobody blinks then it could be argued that both sides lose as they trade under world trade rules with tariffs and duties etc. Continental fishermen will be excluded from British waters patrolled by Royal Navy vessels. British exporters will face mind numbing delays at borders as a slighted France under an embittered President Macron, exacts his perverse revenge on what he considers perfidious Albion. The Irish will call foul using the Belfast Agreements to scourge the Brits and solicit the help of ex-Irishman Joe Biden, US President elect, to put the boot in. How they will all love to trash the Brits for having the temerity to quit the failing EU project and seek prosperity in the wider English speaking world, How they must hate that the Brits are ahead of the world in vaccinating against covid19 and developing new cures. How they must hate that the Brits will survive and prosper.

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