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Monday 21 June 2021

Prof. Brian Cox talks 'time'.

 Last Saturday's BBC 2 programme on spacetime, a look back on the science of Professor Brian Cox gave no new insight into the nature of time. In one way, at least, it seemed contradictory in its thoughts on entropy. On one hand the arrow of time, the messenger of entropy pointed to the low entropy start to the universe, always increasing. But then, at the last, showed the universe returning to the well ordered, low entropy, finale of nothingness in the future.

The narrative was still the unchanging assumption of the Big Bang with its attendent assumption that all of time and space was created in one instant. There was a moment to challenge this when he discussed the deep sky photograph whilst explaining that the universe was expanding but he was unmoved whilst hinting that it may be possible to glimpse the future.

What he failed to say was this might be someone else's future. Why do scientists today, faced with intransigent problems shy away from other solutions such as the three-dimensional solution posited by the Davies Hypothesis at:


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