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Tuesday 8 June 2021

Biden's threats

What is it about these US Democrat Presidents and their support for the Republic of Ireland that they threaten the UK if we don't toe their partisan line. Biden, ahead of the G7 meeting later this week is threatening to veto any trade deal between the UK and America if we don't adhere strictly to the Brexit protocol on Northern Ireland despite it meaning that United Kingdom is no longer united?

We know that Biden likes to remind everyone that he has Irish roots but perhaps someone ought to remind him that when the chips are down it is not the Irish who come to US aid, it is the British. The Irish insist on neutrality in conflicts, their army serving as peace keepers only. They are not members of NATO and when the US fought in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea etc etc it was with the backing of the UK. Enough said. Instead of threatening the UK perhaps it would be better to come up with some pragmatic ideas to resolve the situation.

This blog suggests that it would be better for the Irish to leave the EU and form a trading union with the UK under the title of the United Isles of Western Europe. 

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