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Saturday 5 June 2021

Defender of the faithless

 A report deep inside the Daily Mail makes alarming reading for anyone concerned about the indigenous Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of the UK. It concerns a book, soon to be published written by Ed Husain after spending time in the Northern towns of Bradford, Blackburn & Dewsbury, visiting mosques and talking to the population.

Despite its low prominence in the paper it highlights the danger facing the Country in the future if its leaders don't recognise and then do something about the dangers of increasing areas coming under control of Islamic fundamentalists. Apologists can shrug this off as racist scaremongering, inciting hate attacks but the writing has been on the wall for some time. Many years ago my son was set upon by a gang of Pakistani youths in Cowley, Oxford. More recently we have multiple trials of mainly Pakistani men grooming and abusing vulnerable, very young white girls. Then there is the attacks on guardsman  Lee Rigby and on Westminster bridge, not to mention the cowardly attack at the Manchester Arena.

Not only that, but the Muslim Imams have introduced there own laws, often at odds with the British Common Law and jurisprudence.

To my mind the Government has to stop pussyfooting around and address this matter. They pay attention to the science when it comes to Covid but totally ignore it when it comes to the matter of faith in omnipotent, supernatural beings despite there being no evidence whatsoever to justify it.

I can see the problems. Politicians need the Muslim vote in elections and any move to proscribe either the religion or Sharia law will result in the loss of seats. One can understand why Jeremy Corbyn was so enthusiastic in his support for the Palestinians. Also, if one does away with Islam, on the basis of no proof, shouldn't one also proscribe Christianity and throw the Constitution into chaos. What would be the standing of the Queen who holds the position by virtue of her having been anointed and crowned in the sight of God. And Charles when he becomes King has said previously said he wants to be known as the 'defender of faiths'. By the time he gets there, there may be no faith left to defend. He might also reflect on whether or not his subjects revere Mohammed more than him.

Read the report and make your own mind up. If it tells us anything it is that there is little time left as the numbers of Muslims in the Country multiply by natural means and immigration both legal and illegal adds thousands to the numbers daily. I suggest that China and Burma have already recognised the danger. When will the British Government?

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