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Friday 4 June 2021

Shameful discourtesy at Napier Barracks

 A group of immigrants have taken their hosts, the British people to court over the conditions in Napier Barracks where they are held pending their claim to be allowed to stay. Bizarrely, the cost of this action is being borne by the same British people courtesy of legal aid awarded to a couple of British solicitors with previous for this type of action.

Where is the gratitude? Where is the recognition of the welcome given to these people with shelter, food, water and security? Could it be that these solicitors have put these poor people up to this brazen act of discourtesy to feather their own nests?

Who in the justice departments granted them legal aid from the public purse? The British taxpayers have a right to feel affronted by this disgraceful miscarriage of justice. The Napier Barracks were good enough for our soldiers, men and women prepared to give their lives for the Nation, but apparently not good enough for those who have contributed nothing but expect handouts and comforts at somebody else's expense. The immigrants, and no one begrudges them their seeking a better way of life, have free will to make their journey but the British taxpayers have no free will and yet are disadvantaged in a way only those on the legal profession can manage. They UK taxpayers should feel violated; the legal profession should be ashamed.

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