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Thursday 29 December 2022

1984. Some thoughts

 I have been reading Orwell's novel, '1984'. At times it was though I was not reading a novel but a collection of essays on the tenet of 'ingsoc' or the imaginary world of the author's creation.

The idea that the geopolitical world consisted of three main bodies, Eastasia, Euroasia and Oceania reminded me of my previous thoughts on the 'Rule of Two'. See:

From a planet divided into over two hundred and fifty countries, the 'Rule of Two' predicts that nature demands that over time by whatever means, coalescence will occur until only two Countries remain. Probably East (Communist, Authoritarianistic) and West (Capitalist, Democratic). In Orwell's scheme the world is now down to three blocs and as in nature the final step is too difficult to achieve in the cosmological short term.

In chapter two of part three, O'Brien asks Winston: 'Is it your opinion Winston, that the past has real existence?' and then again: 'Then where does the past exist, if at all?'

His questions remind one of the deductions of the Davies Hypothesis which suggests that the past does not exist in reality; it is in another dimension. The hypothesis argues that time in our universe is three-dimensional equating to the past, present and the future. Whereas the future never exists, the past was once the present and therefore real and as a consequence could be recalled by memory. Orwell seems to have sense of this reality.

We are introduced at an early stage to the three mantras:

War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength

Their contrarianism, is an echo of Ecclesiastes 3 with its: 'A time for war and a time for peace etc etc'.

This is, to my mind, a natural consequence of nature's edict that the square root of one has TWO, not one value, plus AND minus one, thereby introducing more uncertainty into the universe than Heisenberg. Again, Orwell seems to be aware of this.

Through my book, 'Spiritualman: An introduction to Negative Dimensions', I have tried to persuade the world of an alternative cosmology based on this fact of nature. It is so obvious and yet few people assume its importance. Orwell is one of them.

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