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Monday 6 February 2023

Frustration & disillusion. An appeal.

 I'm frustrated and disillusioned. I'm disillusioned because those projects of mine, the golf game, the novels and the hypothesis that describes the creation and evolution of the universe have so far failed to capture the public imagination. I'm frustrated that as each year passes, so my capacity to do anything about it, diminishes.

What can be done to further the chance of success? Leave to chance? One needs luck with this option and that involves time, a commodity I'm running out of. Achieve notoriety? How? By being extremely stupid or absurd or exhibit oneself in a manner likely to attract ridicule or a prison sentence. I think not.

Could it be that my life's endeavours will pass into obscurity, unacknowledged by my peers, as my life fades and passes. What a shame.

Perchance my life's ambition will be reignited, post mortem, and future generations will recognise that my effort was not in vain. 

UNLESS. Unless my work on explaining man's innate spirituality as a natural product of the creation process is finally recognised. So this is my direct appeal; is there, out there, anyone out there with influence who can give my views a fair hearing?; a platform on which to broadcast a hypothesis that changes mankind's perception of the world about them.

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