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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Burqa. 2. A guest post

With thanks to The Times, Guido Fawkes Blog

Dr Taj Hargey, Imam, Oxford Islamic Congregation, tells The Times
“Sir, Boris Johnson should not apologise for telling the truth. His evocative analogy is unfortunate but he is justified in reminding everyone that the Wahhabi/Salafi-inspired fad of female facial masking has no Koranic legitimacy. It is, however, a nefarious component of a trendy gateway theology for religious extremism and militant Islam.
The burka and niqab are hideous tribal ninja-like garments that are pre-Islamic, non-Koranic and therefore un-Muslim. Although this deliberate identity-concealing contraption is banned at the Kaaba in Mecca it is permitted in Britain, thus precipitating security risks, accelerating vitamin D deficiency, endorsing gender-inequality and inhibiting community cohesion.
The retrogressive Islamic clergy has succeeded in persuading ill-informed Muslims through suspect secondary sources that God wants women to cover their faces, when in reality it is a toxic patriarchy controlling women. Is it any wonder that many younger women have internalised this poisonous chauvinism by asserting that it is their human right to hide their faces? Johnson did not go far enough. If Britain is to become a fully integrated society then it is incumbent that cultural practices, personal preferences and communal customs that aggravate social division should be firmly resisted. For this reason Britain must emulate France, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria and Denmark in banning the burka.”

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The burqa

The burqa is an all covering dresswear worn principally by Muslim women when not in their homes. It has recently been described, by politician, Boris Johnson, as making women look like bank robbers or letter boxes. Whilst not calling for a ban on their wearing as in other European countries, he suggested they looked ridiculous promoting outrage amongst his detractors and the left-leaning, liberal elite.
Wearing of the burqa is not required by the teachings of Islam, but often insisted upon by husbands out of fear of inciting animal passions in other God fearing Muslim men, which is frowned upon.  In other words, the wearing of the burqa is deemed necessary because Muslim men cannot be trusted to behave in a civilised manner when in public, a fact amply demonstrated by their horrendous treatment of young white girls around the UK. This situation comes about because in Muslim countries men come first and women obey. Women must cover their natural (they might say, God given) beauty because the men cannot be trusted to keep their hands off.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Slap in the face

I'll be honest; I haven't watched a whole programme of 'Love Island', only a snippet but it was enough to convince me that it was all a load of crap, produced by money grabbing oiks for the amusement of low intelligence, social-media obsessed wannabees.
The success of some, poorly educated, talentless but overbotoxed, over made-up people is a slap in the face for the many hardworking kids that want to learn a trade and make their honest way in a hard world, paying their taxes, bringing up their families rather than appearing on cheap TV shows like Loose Women, the panel fawning over the gormless, charmless winners of the swamp show. Why don't they talk to more educated people that have something to contribute to the sciences, for instance? What! Nobody would understand them and switch off. You're right because that's the level of British TV at the moment. Decent programmes of merit are pushed to the outer channels while the main channels rush to the bottom with ever more vulgar programs that test the limit of public decency.
A report, today, says that the number of children, especially, girls, self-harming has risen alarmingly. I can't say I'm surprised with the trash, like this program, they have to contend with.