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Friday, 22 October 2021

Past or Future. Which is more interesting?

 At the 'now' moment, the future and past coincide but as time moves on and the 'now' moment changes we can make some deductions on the nature of these aspects of time.

The future remains unknowable because it is yet to come into existence but the past has been experienced and can be accessed by a brain working in the three dimensions of time via memory. That is not all, the invention of writing has been crucial in the recording of the past, replacing  an oral tradition of passing on history as stories where what had been forgotten or unexplained was replaced with imaginings that through embellishment became unicorns, angels and gods.

The human brain has a great capacity for storing life's experiences and across the world this amount of information allows for a considerable recording of the past. I suggest that this information will be passed on to successive generations meaning that each of us is an encyclopedia of the earths history. Why then do I know so little? Because you don't need to access all this data in day to day life although some of it may be retrieved and appear in dreams. Images you never knew you had.

What of the future? At every point in the universe, except the origin, there will be an older part where development has been longer. If one could instantly travel to this older part you may glimpse THEIR future but because of the vicissitudes of nature it may be a vision of scientific advancement or a sterile desert of stagnation.

You can never know your own future. The 'imaginary' time working of your brain allows you to predict or anticipate what comes next but you cannot know for sure which leads me to nature's greatest paradox. How come there can be no 'now' moment, the present, without there being a non-existent future?

The answer, of course, can be found in my inexpensive booklet:  Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions

Monday, 11 October 2021

Scrap HS2. Build nuclear.

 Successive UK Governments have been found out for allowing British utilities to be sold off to foreign Companies and investors or allowed to perish on the vine. All the time it is short term expediency ahead of long term planning as painfully demonstrated by the UK's current energy shortfall. At the mercy of overseas owners the price of Russian gas has gone through the roof, the French are threatening to cut off electricity; all at a time when the wind has dropped and North Sea oil has all but run dry. 

In the Sixties the UK were world leaders in nuclear energy technology but demands from coal miners led to Labour's decision to cut back on investment whilst the US and France, oblivious to Union demands powered on ahead. But that's in the past. What to do now.

It costs about £20bn to build a nuclear power station. The unwanted HS2 project is scheduled to cost £200bn. Why not scrap the train and build ten new, state of the art, safe, nuclear power stations to be run by the state? 

Use the land already cleared for the train to build affordable housing.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

The Death Penalty. A deafening silence

 In the wake of the trial of policeman, Wayne Couzens, there has been universal silence on the question of the death penalty. Why is this?

It is true he pleaded guilty at the trial, thereby saving the family of murdered Sarah Everard from going through what would have been a harrowing trial but nevertheless his crime was so heinous that many, possibly a majority, of the public might support his execution. That politicians and lawmakers don't want to reintroduce the death penalty should not mean that the majority of the public are denied a say in the matter. The UK is, after all, a democracy; isn't it.

Friday, 1 October 2021

Eric the god eating penguin

 I am grateful to Quora for this image by an unknown author

Of course, many of a religious disposition will scoff at this perfectly reasonable argument whilst many others will argue that to even think about the existence of God is blasphemous and cannot therefore be entertained. 
One has, sometimes, to remind oneself that this is the twenty-first century CE.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Sentencing of paedophiles

 The UK news this morning tells of a young girl groomed on line by a 46 year old paedophile posing as a sixteen year old. Why is this allowed to continue? Seven years ago this blog suggested a remedy. See:

This man was imprisoned, released and reoffended causing LIFE-long distress to his victims. He and all the others should at the very least be physically castrated but preferably executed as a warning to others. Do not ruin childhoods and lives. EVER. 

Thursday, 9 September 2021

The meaning of 'mafia'.

 I have previously suggested that at least two of the laws of Islam bear some resemblance to those of the Mafia.


Further to my knowledge I learn from Puzo, in his book 'The Sicilian' that the word 'mafia' in Arabic means place of sanctuary and the concept of 'omerta' came to Sicily in the tenth century with the Saracens. 

If the UK authorities take measures to stop the influence of the Mafia I don't suppose they'd do the same ........ No. 

I don't think so!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The Afghan Monarchy

 As Afghanistan starts life as an Islamic Republic under the Taliban, I am reminded that not so long ago the Country was a monarchy. I have written previously, 

(see: ) of my belief that a sound and established constitutional monarchy such as exists in the United Kingdom represents the best basis for stable governance of a Country and its people. I wonder how many Afghans mightily wish they had such a future with a chance of a peaceful life with the hope of prosperity and the freedom to enjoy it.

I wish the people of Afghanistan all the best.

May her god save the Queen, Elizabeth II

Thursday, 19 August 2021

The latest Crusade

 In all reports of the successful coup in Afghanistan, I have never seen any mention of Islam. Yet the bloodless coup will be seen by the victors, the Taliban, as vindication of the belief that Allah, does indeed, favour them over the predominantly Christian West. Make no mistake this was another episode of the Crusades. The last twenty years of democratic life in the Country was a setback for the terrorists but rather than imagine that Allah was against them, or impossibly non-existant, they simply argue that he was testing them.

This position in an argument whereby one side cannot ever be wrong makes negotiation difficult if not impossible leading to the adoption of practices common in the seventh century, AD. Sharia law will be implemented as Aghanistan becomes an Islamic Republic aligned with other Sunni regimes such as Saudi Arabia from whence sprung Al Quaida.

It seems to me that this benighted Country will never recover until Islam itself is defeated and that will only happen when all organised religion is swept aside under a weight of scientific evidence that deities cannot exist.

Thursday, 22 July 2021


 Famously and according to many theologies, eschatology, the end of times describes many tribulations before the second coming of the Messiah, Parousia.

With the planet now in the grip of a multitude of natural disasters, the question of the imminent realisation of these fears needs to be addressed. The planet is warming. Ice caps and glaciers are melting, the Siberian permafrost is releasing massive quantities of carbon into the atmosphere and wild fires threaten massive land areas on every continent. Volcanoes seem to be more active and earthquakes devastate communities around the world. Heavier than ever rainfall creates flooding that demolishes whole communities. There are other natural events that should be noted. The number of species that are becoming extinct is growing. New diseases such as covid and ebola are proliferating adding to the misery of homelessness, starvation and loss of fresh water. Never in my lifetime have I felt so pessimistic about the future faced by my children and grandchildren.

It has happened before, causing diaspora of dispossessed folk migrating into new pastures and often upsetting the residents. This too is happening, causing much of Europe to be wary of the influx of sub saharan africans and middle eastern refugees bringing with them their 'alien' cutures and beliefs. In the Americas, walls have been built to stem the flow of people from the Central countries and Mexico to the US. Wars have started with less provocation.

Are these tribulations those that heve been forecast in antiquity? Or is it simply that nature is playing out its destiny according to the rules of physics. No amount of human behaviour can change this progression. There have been times of heat and ice before as the cyclic nature of the planet evolves but now, technology allows humans to better accommodate the changes. This will not protect everyone, especially the most vulnerable in under developed Countries but is this too, part of nature's plan to stem population growth and protect the viability of the planet. With the global population approaching eight billion is now the time?

Is the second coming imminent or could it be that the theological predictions are no more than a melodramatic description of the old adage that: 'The darkest hour always comes before the dawn'?

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Tory Party Attack Lionesses

 Yesterday the Conservative member  for Louth & Horncastle, Victoria Atkins, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Safeguarding, memorably humbled the former leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

"I suspect I am not the only person who has felt a little bit astonished that it is this right honourable member who’s chosen to ask that question about taking immediate action to tackle racism…I am also reminded that a Jewish female MP had to have police protection at his party conference because of fears for her own safety. So I will listen to many, many people about tackling racism. I will work with pretty much anyone. But I must say, I will take a long spoon on which to sup with this particular member.”

Her assured performances at the despatch box, matched by those of Penny Mordaunt, the MP for Portsmouth North, ( see: make these two women the Tory Party's attack lionesses, far superior to anybody in the Labour Party or any others. I can see both of these ladies holding high offices of State.