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Sunday 7 April 2024

Gaza atrocities

 The world is horrified by what is happening in Gaza but not one commentator as far as I can tell has stated simply that all those, everyone, who have died in the conflict would be alive today if Hamas had not committed the atrocity in October.

Sunday 24 March 2024

The Easter miracle. True or false?

As Easter approaches people marvel at the Christian miracle of the resurrection of Jesus. But is it true,

See my blog of nine years ago

 Indaloblog: The Resurrection retold (

Tuesday 20 February 2024

The state needs to kill more delinquents

It is clear to me that to save civilisation, to save young people and those who contribute to meaningful life that the state must eradicate those that kill, steal, cheat and behave in a manner contrary to good society.

This means that the courts should routinely sentence to death those found guilty of:-


Some cases of manslaughter



The defrauding of pensioners or old people of their savings.

The ruination of children's lives by maltreatment to the extent that they will be traumatised all their lives.

The list will be added to as necessary.


Because as the population of the planet rises to about nine million, it is an unsustainable level and can no longer support those that make a negative contribution to sustaining human life. It is true that natural life naturally adapts to having cheats in its numbers; cuckoos come to mind and parasitic wasps but this should not be used to support similar behaviour in humans.


Naturally we must have a means of execution that cannot go wrong and satisfies the victims and general public alike. I suggest the following:

A series of 5 machine guns trained on the target, secured to a chair with the chest region clearly marked. Only one of the guns is loaded with live ammunition. 5 volunteers including victims and their families' and friends can be selected and randomly allocated a gun. On the command the guns can be triggered. No one will know who is responsible for the death.

Friday 2 February 2024

The Islamic threat

People in the UK are beginning to realise what a threat to the UK's peace exists in the shape of radical Islamicists. Over the last few years hundreds of thousand of Muslims have left their Muslim homeland to perversely seek a better life in the Christian UK. Now, their numbers are such that they can begin to exert their will on a largely secular Country, confident that their people in positions of power as councillors, are dictating the future for the indigenous culture, habits and customs.

This blog has warned this would happen. See: Indaloblog: The ISIS manifesto ( 

Monday 22 January 2024

The future of transport


I believe that the government made a bad decision when they chose to electrify cars rather than the roads.

High costs, high maintenance, high depreciation, low range, lack of charging stations etc etc make the future of electric cars bleak. It could have been so much better.

Here is an extract from my novel, 'The Lamb at Nettlesham', which proposes a happier outcome.

The predicted massive increase in the use of private cars will cause the complete seizure of the country’s road capacity by early next century. The Green Paper will address those problems and set out a new strategy to satisfy the nation’s need for mobility in the future, whilst keeping expenditure on infrastructure and its maintenance to a minimum. As we proceed, we will have to bear in mind the need to find alternative and more efficient fuels as the global supply of oil diminishes.

Private Transport.

As the nation’s wealth increases so more and more citizens will own and run more cars. It is simply unfeasible to keep building more and larger roads to accommodate this trend. It is proposed therefore that by 2025, all private, freewheeling, transport will be outlawed. Instead, people will be able to own private ‘pods’ that will run on a network of rails driven by electricity.


The same manufacturers that now produce automobiles will make these. They will be constructed so as to run on the network but can be designed to all the usual formats and standards as at present. That is the number of seats and degree of luxury can be as varied as it is now, including drink cabinets as drink driving is avoided.

Pods will be fitted with batteries and wheels so that it can move from one’s home, say, to the nearest hub. Once there it will engage with the network by means of an undercarriage arrangement, which also initiates the payment system. Once engaged, one simply inserts the postcode of the destination and press go. The pod is taken automatically by the most efficient route to your destination and you are billed for each trip on ‘a per distance travelled’ basis.


The network is to be designed jointly by all the motor manufacturing companies who will own and run it. It is to be designed so that it will operate along converted highways and move pods along at a speed consistent with the status of the original road. For example, on old motorways it will be expected that the pods will be propelled to up to 200 mph, automatically maintained at a safe distance from each other. On an original three lane motorway there will be room for six pod lanes.

As the pods move from higher tariff roads to lower, the speeds will be reduced accordingly.

The design of this network will begin immediately and new legislation will be introduced to compel all manufacturers to contribute to the transition or risk losing a license to sell their vehicles.

The electricity to run the network will be provided by a new and safer generation of nuclear power stations.

Commercial Transport

All containers will be loaded onto larger flat bed pods at special network hubs located at railway marshalling works. The railways will be converted into the new rail system. Once at the destination, the containers will be collected by battery driven vehicles for delivery to the recipients whether factory or shop. The layout of future trading estates and shopping centres will need to bear in mind these changes.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Conservative candidate selection process

 It is well recognised that as it stands, the Conservatives will badly lose the next general election. The current crop of Tories have lost their way as taxes remain high and economic growth is weak. There are some excuses, of course, but nevertheless one cannot but feel that the Country is rudderless, run by an unelected Prime Minister and a cabinet, with a few exceptions, of mediocrity.

The Conservative selection panels, up and down the Country, looking for new prospective candidates, might well ponder on the qualities of their new aspirants. Dare I suggest that all they need is to ask each candidate their reply to just two questions:

1. Would you support the re-introduction of the death penalty for some crimes?

2. Would you support the re-introduction of fox hunting?

It is unlikely that either of these measures will come before the commons again but a positive response to both will tell the selection committee a lot about the suitability of the candidate whilst two negatives should point to the exit.

It;s only a suggestion.

Monday 4 December 2023

Return of Elgin Marbles

 Having recently seen pictures of the Elgin Marbles, I have changed my mind with regard to the Greek claim for them to be repatriated to the Country of origin. 

Looking at them, broken and to my mind, ugly, can we not, with our super-skilled masons make copies, exact replicas, and return the originals to Athens on permanent loan with one or two caveats. For example if they are at risk because of war or  natural disaster they should be returned to UK for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, the British public would be able to appreciate the artistic majesty of the pieces whilst winning immense goodwill from one of our allies and NATO partners.

ps. How do we know that those currently on show at the British Museum are not already replicas?

Monday 13 November 2023

Indaloblog predictions come true


With the appointment of Victoria Atkins to the post of Health Secretary, my predictions in Indaloblog of July 2021

Indaloblog: Tory Party Attack Lionesses (

are coming true. Penny Mordaunt is already well established as Leader of the House with spectacular appearances at events such as the King's coronation but now the difficult Health brief has been given to Victoria by hard pressed PM, Rishi Sunak

Friday 27 October 2023

Inherited character

 Scientists are beginning to wonder if a person's character can be changed by having a blood transfusion or organ transplant. See the report in the Daily Mail below:

In my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', I suggest that a person's character is inherited from an ancestor. An embryo's body is filled with the DNA and RNA of it's parents and this is derived from their forebears and so on. This stockpile of information is passed from generation to generation and increases at every level. It's no wonder that human brains are becoming larger.

That a blood transfusion can introduce new character traits into the recipient should therefore come as no surprise.

Which brings us to the question of which character, out of thousands, does nature decide to imbue in the new born. The answer may surprise you.

I believe that the character is not chosen until the time and date of the birth is established because the character chosen is that of a person born at the very same instant or as close as possible. This could lead to some unusual outcomes as, despite nature's preference, a male baby might have inherited the character of a female if no male characters came close.


Friday 7 April 2023

Slave trade thoughts

 It has become fashionable to denounce the British Empire for its alleged involvement with the slave trade and the misery it  caused to tens of thousands of native Africans. It has become fashionable to think of suing the British people (via the government tax revenue)for reparations, righting an alleged wrong perpetrated by the Brits for bringing civilisation and order to many benighted countries. For introducing law and order and Democracy. How many well-off black people today would still be living in a mud hut economy in darkest Africa if it wasn't for the transportation of their relatives, many of whom were captured by fellow Africans, many of whom were criminals. Quite a few, I suspect, owe their prosperity today to this trade. Not that they would accept this possibility.

If the woke brigade, mostly left-wingers, behind this move continue to insist on suing the British Government and therefore its taxpayers, then perhaps the Brits should levy a technology charge to cover the cost of providing all these litigants with the paraphernalia of modern life; the cars, the tellies, the phones, the medicines, none of which were invented in the mud huts of Africa. Tell me one modern technology, used the world over, that was invented in Africa.

This blog is sick to the back teeth of people condemning the British Empire, only too eager to chase a fast buck on the back of so-called political correctness.