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Wednesday 1 March 2023

Human rights

 A man of West Indian heritage was imprisoned for murder, his sentence including deportation from the UK. Following his release he appealed his deportation back to the Caribbean on the grounds of his human right to family life, perversely ignoring the same rights to his victim. His appeal was supported by 67 labour MPs and other, assorted left wing zealots who see the 'human right' legislation as a tool to denigrate and belittle the United Kingdom.

His appeal was successful; he stayed and committed another murder; this time aided and abetted by his son.

Let's be clear: this blog does not recognise that any human being has a right to anything other than that to have the chance to live. That is: no one can take his life ie kill him. This right to live, however, can be revoked if the subject, him or herself, commits a crime. In the case above, whilst the perpetrator is released, the family of the victim serve a life sentence. This is not right; it is not justice.

An orphan cannot claim a right to full family life. A paraplegic cannot claim a right to full mobility. Nobody should be able to claim a right to be happy, or even the right to pursue happiness as appears in the US constitution. In fact, this blog thinks that all human right legislation should be scrapped. How can it be right that an individual can cite human rights in pursuit of self interest whilst ignoring the same rights of the general population.

This blog has carried the same message since 2010. See links below:

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